Matsumoto Castle – 松本城

The origin of Matsumoto Castle goes back to Fukashi Castle, which was built at the beginning of the Eisho era, in the civil war period. During those troubling times, Lord Ogasawara in Shinano, moved his manor house from Igawa to the Hayashi district at the eastern foot of the mountain. At that time, the center of Matsumoto plain was called Shinano Fuchu. Lord Ogasawara’s retainers protected themselves by building their houses around Hayashi Castle, the new manor house of their lord. Fukashi Castle was built in front of Hayashi Castle at around the same time to protect the front of the manor house. After that, Shingen Takeda of Kai chased away Lord Ogasawara to create a strongpoint for the conquest of Shinano. Then, in year 10 of the Tensho Era, Sadayoshi Ogasawara recaptured Fukashi Castle by taking advantage of the protectors letting down their guard during the Honnoji incident. He then changed the name to Matsumoto Castle.